Taking the time to think through who you are, who you serve, and the benefits of working with you is the key to professional success in today’s world. Putting yourself out there through the traditional media and social media, with a clear statement of your offerings, will attract the right clients and customers.

Your XYZ statement entails:

  • I do X (what you do)
  • for Y (who you do it for)
  • so they can Z (the benefits of working with you)

So if you are an accountant, you could say:

  • I do financial accounting (X)
  • for clients in the marketing industry (Y)
  • so they can focus on running their business and achieve long-term financial sustainability. (Z)

Amber Lambke Brand ManifestoOK, so now that you have your XYZ statement, you can write a personal brand manifesto. Here’s one we wrote for my client Amber Lambke, founder of Maine Grains and the Somerset Grist Mill in Skowhegan, Maine (click on image to view manifesto).

Once you have these two documents, you can upgrade your LinkedIn profile and use it on the “About Me” page on your website. You can use it as an introduction for speeches or in the copy for brochures or other promotional materials. For shorter sound bites, stick to the XYZ and for longer-form materials, use the entire personal brand manifesto.

By communicating clearly and concisely about who you are, what you do and who you do it for, you will connect with those who are looking for exactly what you have to offer.