Emma Dimock, Marshall Communications Account Assistant

In her role at Marshall Communications, Emma assists others in the office with research, analysis, communications, meeting facilitation and copy writing. Taking on projects from many of our clients, Emma uses her time management skills to quickly complete projects with tight deadlines and manage multiple priorities. With her knowledge of our clients, she is able to smoothly transition from working on one project for a client to another project for a different client.

Emma has developed a wide range of skills to assist her in completing the many different projects she works on including copywriting, social media and graphic design skills. Her interest in learning new things helps to build the knowledge and experience as well as stay up to date on changing practices required for the public relations and marketing field.

Emma’s skills also include…

  • Writing releases, social media posts, pitch letters and blog posts
  • Researching and building media lists for pitching
  • Researching places for writers to visit for clients
  • Posting to and monitoring social networks
  • Creating or assisting with style guide development

Before joining Marshall Communications, Emma was…

  • A social media, photography and graphic design intern for a small marketing company
  • A social media and blog copywriter work-study for a central Maine business college
  • A graphic design and marketing research intern for a local nonprofit

In her spare time, Emma enjoys…

Dancing, painting, crafting, exploring the outdoors, organizing, driving forklift and helping out at her family’s apple orchard, or just watching the sunset from their magnificent view of the Maine mountains.


Bachelor of Science in marketing management, Thomas College


(207) 620-9072

5 Community Dr., #110

Augusta, Maine 04330