We are proud of our team
Headshot of Nancy Marshall

Nancy Marshall

Founder & CEO

The PR Maven®. Go-getter. Social Media Powerhouse.

Headshot of Charlene Williams

Charlene Williams


Tourism Aficionado. Strategic Planner. Public Relations Guru.

Headshot of Greg Glynn

Greg Glynn

Account Supervisor

Detailed. Knowledgeable. Passionate.

Headshot of Whitney Raymond

Whitney Raymond

Account Supervisor

Maine enthusiast and believer in going above and beyond for her clients

Headshot of Anna McDermott

Anna McDermott

Content Creator

Scribe. Humorist. Dreamer.

Headshot of Juli Settlemire

Juli Settlemire

Business Manager

Budget Tracker. Creative Problem Solver. Thespian.

Headshot of Emma Dimock

Emma Dimock

Relationship Manager

Public Relations and Marketing. All Rounder and Word Artist.

Headshot of Kat Child

Kat Child

Account Coordinator

Focused listener. Proactive doer. Thoughtful creator.

Headshot of Steve McCausland

Steve McCausland

Strategic Partner: Communications Specialist

Calm. Cool. Collected.

Headshot of Luka Ladan

Luka Ladan

Strategic Partner

Curious. Driven. Thoughtful.

Headshot of Leah Sommer

Leah Sommer

Strategic Partner

Inquisitive. Candid. Contrarian.