By Anna McDermott

Bill Green and Nancy Marshall

In The PR Maven’s® 10th podcast episode, Nancy Marshall spoke with Bill Green – popular broadcaster and host of Bill Green’s Maine – about what matters most with social media. They share a similar ethos on what matters on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Bill said he’d rather be trusted on social media than be popular. As a news reporter, this differentiation is key for Bill – his career is based on people believing his reports and trusting that he tells it straight, rather than simply being agreeable and therefore popular. Nancy has often said that engagement is more important than the number of followers. It doesn’t really matter if you have hundreds of fans if you don’t take the time to engage with them and provide something of value.

When looking at your own personal brand and how you use social media to enhance it, think about what you put into it versus what you’re getting out of it. If you think “I want to be trusted” whenever you post something online, that is a good way to ensure you’re not providing fake news and that your followers associate you with trustworthiness. It’s not just the media that need to be trusted, but people we do business with, as well. In a world where we have learned to second guess practically everything we read online, your social media presence is a great place to create a space for yourself and your fans that can be believed in.

Nancy said that as a PR professional she must “walk the talk.” For her clients to trust her and feel she can best represent their business’s brand and marketing she goes the extra mile. Before she went to work for Sugarloaf, she became a certified professional ski instructor; and when she was representing Northern Outdoors, Maine’s largest whitewater rafting company, she got her license as a Registered Maine Rafting Guide. This has helped her personal brand to be associated with hard work and trust. She applies this attitude to her social media presence. She creates online engagement that provides value to her followers – from sharing PR and business tips, to being her authentic self in her podcasts and posts.

One good quality everyone can agree on is trustworthiness. It’s quite simple to attain if you just take a moment before posting something online. If you believe what you’re sharing with the world is of value, that’s quality engagement.

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