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June 30, 2017

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Sea kayaking adventure. Photo by: Margo Paige, The Overseas EscapeBAR HARBOR, Maine – Bar Harbor, Maine, known for fresh lobster and ocean views, and home to Acadia National Park, is often recognized for being one of the most visited small towns in America for summer travel. With so many activities to participate in, summer visitors can find it hard to choose, but we’re here to help you plan your activities for the next time you visit. For a new approach, here is a guide on how to spend your time in Bar Harbor based on your zodiac sign. If you’re a firm believer in astrology, you might find your new favorite activity, and even if you’re not, this guide could open your eyes to new adventures. Happy exploring!

Aries – Known for being independent, courageous and unstoppable, Aries will find great fun in leading a group hike up one of the many peaks in Acadia National Park. Hiking trails range from moderate to challenging and Aries will know the right path to take.

Taurus – Tackling the mighty Atlantic Ocean by kayaktakes commitment and a strong will. With these traits, Taurus will enjoy the challenge of paddling through the waves. From novices to experts, the sea-kayaking opportunities in Bar Harbor will challenge all skill levels.

Gemini – While always carrying on traditions, Bar Harbor also likes to keep visitors on their toes by hosting new and exciting events, perfect for energetic and talkative Geminis. Bar Harbor provides visitors of all ages and interests with events all year long–whether you’re an adventurer, stargazer, beer enthusiast, foodie or family-time lover, there’s an event for every bubbly personality who walks our streets.

Cancer – With the element of water in their sign and a tenacious attitude, those with the sign of Cancer will feel at ease aboard a whale watching expedition. A boat tour takes whale watchers miles offshore to see these creatures, among the largest on earth: humpbacks, finbacks, minkes and right whales.

Leo – The rocky granite that makes up the shoreline of Acadia National Park challenges those with strength, devotion and self-confidence to climb up their cliffs. Leos will channel their inner element of fire to propel them through the hike and leave them satisfied at the end. The Atlantic Climbing Schooloffers guided courses for families and first-time climbers.

Virgo – Virgos enjoy the smallest details in life, and have the traits of loyalty and practicality. The place for them to explore in Bar Harbor is the Abbe Museum. The Abbe inspires visitors to learn about the Wabanki Nations and offers dynamic, stimulating exhibitions with spaces for quiet reflection throughout.

Libra – Libras are lovers of beautiful things. Representing the element of air, a voyage with Scenic Flights of Acadia will feel natural as they fly over the clouds and tree line and experience the island from above.

Milky way captured at the Annual Acadia Night Sky Festival event held in September. Photo by: Nathan LevesqueScorpio – With their burning passion and a tendency for intensity, we challenge Scorpios to conquer the more difficult trails in Acadia National Park. The Precipice Trail is steep and most of the trail is on exposed cliffs that provide spectacular views.

Sagittarius – Of all the zodiac signs, Sagittarius is the sign that most loves to travel and be outdoors. They will fall in love with the majestic scenery, amazing sunsets and unforgettable adventures in Acadia National Park and will feel most comfortable camping in one of the many places to camp in Acadia.

Capricorn – With a disciplined and self-controlled personality, Capricorns will enjoy a yoga or fitness class at Destination Health on Mount Desert Island. After a class, Capricorns can relax with a message.

Aquarius – More on the quiet and shy side, those of the Aquarius sign are deep and intellectual thinkers. They will find joy in a nature tour around Mount Desert Island through The Natural History Center. The center offers nature and bird tours throughout Acadia National Park and Down East Maine.

Pisces – Artistic and intuitive, Pisces will be drawn to the cliffside Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse in Acadia National Park. This frequently pictured lighthouse will spark their creativity and might even encourage some to use their artistic talents to capture this breathtaking location.

Bar Harbor has something to offer for every age and interest. Zodiac sign traits were based on For more information on anything above, call 207-288-5103 or visit the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce website.



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Sea kayaking adventure. Photo by: Margo Paige, The Overseas Escape

Milky way captured at the Annual Acadia Night Sky Festival event held in September. Photo by: Nathan Levesque

Jordan Pond, one of the many majestic scenic spots in Acadia National Park. Photo credit: Margo Paige, The Overseas Escape

About Bar Harbor
Bar Harbor, Maine, ( is the gateway to Acadia National Park, one of the nation’s most visited national parks, and the largest community on Mount Desert Island. Visitors from around the world come to Bar Harbor to experience the region’s dramatic, varied scenery and see the historic summer “cottages” that were once the summer retreats of America’s wealthiest families. A five-hour drive from Boston and 50 miles from Bangor International Airport, Bar Harbor is the heart of island activity, including shopping, dining, entertainment and organized travel experiences. With a thriving year-round population, it also serves as the Downeast region’s center of economic activity, supporting a wide range of industries ranging from lobstering and boat building to banking and biomedical research.

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