By Nancy Marshall, the PR Maven®

Infographics are an incredible addition to any PR campaign, because they make information easier to understand and remember. Lately, I’ve been on an infographic ‘kick,’ as I have discovered how much fun it is to create them, and how impactful they are to our targeted audiences.

Goal vs Strategy vs Objective vs TacticsFor example, the infographic at right helps us to explain the difference between goals, strategies, objectives and tactics to prospective clients for our Marshall Plan® process. (Click image to see a larger version.)

The Marshall Plan process infographicThe infographic at left helps us explain the Marshall Plan® process, which includes 65 proprietary steps that we broke into more simplified steps for the purpose of promoting the process to our targeted audiences. (Click image to see a larger version.)

Once you create an infographic, you can find lots of ways to use it. You can post it on your website, share it through your social media channels, provide it to bloggers and other content creators so they can use it (with attribution and a link back to your site, of course), and you can print it out in a brochure, flyer, poster or postcard to send in the mail.

Infographics can be serious, whimsical, scientific, artistic or just plain informative. They take complex information and break it down into bite-sized chunks of digestible information. I have become such a big advocate of infographics that my team-mates at Marshall Communications have started teasing me! But that’s OK, because I have already seen how effective they are…and my team just likes to tease me for any new kick I am on!