Greg Glynn, Account Supervisor at Marshall Communications

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” Nancy quoted George Harrison in her podcast episode with Greg Glynn, an account supervisor at Marshall Communications, when they were discussing the importance of research in your marketing efforts.

Greg is our in-house organization pro and he loves stats – Google Analytics and Facebook Insights are his jam. But as Greg pointed out, what good is knowing how many Facebook shares and likes you got this year if you don’t know how many you got last year? You need to see where you were before you know if you’re on the right road.

Before you start a new social media campaign, research which posts had the most engagement and which ones had the least. This will help guide you in future endeavors, providing you with tips on what people liked the most and what kind of posts had little to no audience engagement. Facebook’s tool, Facebook Insights, is a great resource. You can easily see which posts had the most reach and engagement and use that knowledge to increase engagement in future posts.

Doing your research helps you reach your goals, as well. Clients want to see ROI and, without stats demonstrating your success, showing the value of social media marketing can be tricky.

Research is key to meeting goals. If your goal is to drive more traffic to a website, you can see how many people clicked any given link in a Facebook post. If your goal is brand strengthening, post shares are a good indicator of that.

For other social media platforms, it’s wise to invest in a monitoring tool. Hootsuite is popular, TalkWalker has a free social media monitoring tool that’s helpful, TweetDeck is great for Twitter. There are many out there, so you may want to try a few and see what works best for you. These social media monitoring tools are good for social listening – an important part of our work.

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