February 10, 2020
Contact: Charlene Williams, President
Marshall Communications


AUGUSTA, Maine – Marshall Communications is pleased to announce it has been named the public relations agency for Crua OutdoorsFriends of Acadia and Lucid Tech. Each company has a very different story, from Ireland-based Crua Outdoors, to the national focus of Acadia and the soon-to-be Maine-based Lucid Tech. Marshall Communications will manage public relations for Crua Outdoors and Friends of Acadia while managing personal branding for Lucid Tech’s CEO.

“Having these three new clients as we kick off the new year is wonderful, because we have one on the coast of Maine, one from California and one from Ireland, proving that we are truly ‘Maine Based and Globally Connected,’ which is our tagline. We are so excited about applying our new techniques for building brands, as well as our time-tested methods of communicating with the media and the public. Our team is focused, enthusiastic and energized by the work ahead,” said Nancy Marshall, The PR Maven® and CEO of Marshall Communications.​

Crua Outdoors logo

Founded in 2015, Crua Outdoors has been gaining popularity with their innovative insulated tents. Founder and CEO Derek O’Sullivan wanted to create a tent that would keep campers comfortable during the chill of winter and the heat of summer. Now with a patented insulation, Crua continues to design new products in their line of tents, as well as other outdoor accessories. Crua’s offices are located around the globe, including their headquarters in Ireland and offices in New York, Australia and the United Kingdom. Crua is excited to be hosting their first-ever Werifesteria event in the Adirondacks this summer, July 31 to August 2, a celebration for the outdoor community, suitable for families, groups and solo travelers.

“We were looking for a PR firm that had expertise in media relations with the outdoor industry. We asked our contacts in the Adirondacks and we were referred to Marshall Communications. When we met them and saw their work, we knew we were working with an agency that had the right contacts and expertise for our business,” said O’Sullivan.

Friends of Acadia

Friends of Acadia is another organization rooted in the outdoors. Founded in 1986, Friends of Acadia was created as a membership-based and volunteer-led organization with the primary focus of helping preserve and protect Acadia National Park for future generations. The organization works to protect more than 47,000 acres on and around Mount Desert Island. As a popular vacation destination, Acadia receives more than 3.5 million visitors each year, which can cause wear and tear to the park’s facilities, carriage roads and hiking trails. Friends of Acadia helps to make repairs, encourage volunteerism and ensure the environment maintains its balance to survive. Friends of Acadia is also active in educating youth through school programs and funding.

“Friends of Acadia values the expertise and networks that Marshall Communications brings to our continuing efforts to expand our organization’s profile nationally and internationally in furtherance of our mission to help protect and preserve Acadia National Park and the quality of life in the surrounding communities,” said Earl Brechlin, communications director at Friends of Acadia.

Lucid Tech

While Crua Outdoors and Friends of Acadia are based in the outdoors, it is the natural beauty of Maine that drew Jeff Vincent, CEO of Lucid Tech, all the way from California. Vincent, along with his wife and six children and his business, will be moving to Maine in the summer of 2020. Lucid Tech offers clients IT services so they can focus on their business rather than having to worry about keeping their data secure or fixing technical glitches on their own. Lucid Tech focuses on preventing issues before they arise, so businesses can go on seamlessly without having to stop for unexpected technical difficulties. Not only does Lucid Tech look at ways to prevent problems, they also take a strategic approach to improving processes for each client based on the client’s needs.

“I began looking into branding and public relations experts mid 2019. Quickly, Marshall Communications rose to the top of the list of those who produce repeatable results. After having worked with them myself, I can see why,” said Vincent.

Marshall Communications’ 29 years of public relations and personal branding experience offers each client a unique and customized process, achieving the highest-quality results over such a range of industries. Marshall Communications is excited to build on their knowledge of public relations for outdoor brands, as well as build brand recognition, starting in Maine and expanding internationally.


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