Show Notes

Air Date: 5/5/2020

Why repurposing content should be part of your marketing plan

Jaclyn Schiff is the founder of PodReacher, a done-for-you service that transforms podcast episodes into high-quality articles.

Before starting PodReacher, she worked as a journalist for leading healthcare publications in Washington, D.C. and Chicago and also served as director of communication for a global health research association. As a writer, she’s published in a range of publications, including NPR, NBC News, Thought Catalog, The Muse, and her ghostwriting skills were noted in a 2017 article in Marie Claire.


In the episode:

1:42 – Jaclyn describes her career in journalism and communications, giving her a unique perspective from working on both sides.

4:58 – Nancy and Jaclyn talk about how well-written content based on podcasts can boost SEO, starting with the keywords determined before the podcast is recorded.

8:40 – Jaclyn suggests have a repurposing strategy for good marketing in 2020.

12:01 – Nancy and Jaclyn discuss how you can build your network as a result of creating shareable content based on the podcast episodes you have been a part of.

16:46 – Jaclyn shares how her team focuses on content but graphical elements can be helpful as well.

20:06 – Jaclyn describes how she measures success in repurposing content based on accuracy, proper target audience positioning and mirroring the tone of the hosts and guests.

24:11 – Jaclyn describes how the content her team creates can be used to help land media placements.

27:24 – Jaclyn talks about the power of email marketing.

33:58 – Jaclyn points out the importance of having “About” content to let people know what your podcast is all about.

39:09 – Jaclyn provides an overview of how to repurpose content from podcasts.

43:49 – With her journalism background, Jaclyn prefers to meet people in person and build her networking organically.

50:01 – Jaclyn shares some of her favorite resources.

51:51 – Jaclyn leaves a parting thought recapping the importance of repurposing content.



When you create a podcast, you’re trying to reach a really specific audience so when you’re writing up an article based on a podcast conversation, you want to have a really good sense of who your audience is and what they can gain from the conversation.” – Jaclyn Schiff, founder and CEO of PodReacher




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