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Air Date: 4/7/2020

How your network can help during hard times

Martin Grohman is the executive director of the Environmental & Energy Technology Council of Maine (E2Tech), a statewide nonprofit focused on growing Maine’s clean technology economy. Marty is a former state representative and holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from Rensselaer.

Marty also hosts a podcast for Maine entrepreneurs called The GrowMaine Show which can be heard on WGAN on Sunday mornings and is a trustee of The Betterment Fund.

In previous roles, he co-founded DuraLife Decking, a composite decking manufacturing company in Biddeford, and was Director of Sustainability at GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer. As a state representative, he was twice named American Legion Legislator of the Year, an honorary life member of the Vietnam Veterans of America, and won the 2016 President’s Award from the Maine Sheriffs Association for his work on jail funding.

Marty grew up in Carthage, Maine, where his family still runs a small farm keeping Jersey cows. He and his wife, Amy, and their two children live in Biddeford.


In the episode:

2:23 – After growing up on a farm in Maine, Martin describes how his career evolved away from the farm.

5:13 – Martin talks about being an entrepreneur in Maine, including how his network helped him during hard times.

8:20 – Martin talks about ways to connected, including handwritten notes and LinkedIn.

11:47 – Nancy and Martin talk about the benefits of growing up on a farm.

13:16 – Martin shares his top tips for marketing and public relations, such as exporting your connections contact information on LinkedIn.

16:51 – Martin shares how E2 Tech is hosting Google Hangouts for students in STEM.

20:07 – Martin describes how E2 Tech builds educational forums without appearing before the legislature or advocating for a particular bill.

32:03 – Martin talks about the Maine Climate Council and finding opportunities to grow environment and economic benefits in business.

37:44 – Martin talks about the GrowMaine podcast, growing successful businesses and changing perceptions of business.

44:14 – Nancy and Martin discuss how processes and procedures help keep a business running.

46:05 – Martin shares the resources that have helped him in his career.

49:54 – Martin talks about setting up a Zoom account.



Our members are going to be the ones that build this comeback. I’m reaching out to them constantly. I’m doing handwritten notes. I’m sending people messages on LinkedIn. You name it, I’m doing it.” – Martin Grohman, executive director of E2Tech and host of the GrowMaine Show



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  • Thank you Nancy for having me on! I listened back to the episode and thought I did pretty good! I guess you have good audio editors 🙂