Show Notes

Air date: 9/25/2018

About Stefa Normantas:

Stefa Normantas

Stefa Normantas is a strategic event manager and managing partner of the New England Made shows, the Philadelphia Furniture Show and Green Tree Event Consultants/Giraffe Events, Maine-based event services companies. Whether directing a trade show or managing a conference for hundreds, Stefa enjoys the challenge of project management.

As managing partner of Green Tree Event Consultants, Stefa and her team provide strategic advice and expert support to their clients. She is former president of the Ad Club of Maine, the founding president of the Maine Marketing Association, a member of the Women’s Presidents Organization and a board member of the Pine Tree Society and Main Street Saco. Stefa holds a dual undergraduate degree in communications/studio art and a master’s degree in communications management from Simmons College, Boston, Massachusetts. She’s a novice beekeeper, a creative gardener, loves good beer and good dinners and likes to find any excuse to bring the outdoors in. She married a Texan, Frank, and has four children, Harry, Lucy, Liam, and Mikas.

Read some highlights from the podcast.

In this episode:

  • Why she would have invested 10% more in development
  • How public relations helped get her a story in Architectural Digest
  • Tools and social media Stefa uses for event promotion
  • Measuring relationships and action you can take
  • The importance of finding your own personal touch
  • Nancy and Stefa ponder what if the phone was invented after email?
  • Why volunteering and reading are so important to success

You’ve got to dig that well before you need that drink.” — Stefa Normantas, Managing Partner, Green Tree Event Consultants, talking about building relationships

Highlights from this episode:

4:52 – How Stefa started her business with her brother

5:35 – What motivated her to start her own event business

6:59 – The advice Stefa shares about professional development

8:00 – Why Stefa believes in the power of public relations for event planning

9:36 – The ways Stefa uses social media to promote events

11:35 – The biggest roadblocks she has faced in her business career

16:00 – An example of how Stefa uses a personal touch and video to build relationships with her clients

18:43 – Why Stefa isn’t afraid to pick up the phone and she talks with Nancy about the use of email and the phone

19:57 – Stefa’s advice about relationship building

22:18 – Why volunteering and reading can help build your business

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