12 Steps to Build Your Personal Brand

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Air date: 6/4/2019

About this episode:

Nancy Marshall, CEO of Marshall Communications and The PR Maven®

Nancy Marshall Presents at the Maine Land Conservation Conference

Nancy Marshall, CEO of Marshall Communications and The PR Maven®, presented to attendees at the Maine Coast Heritage Trust Maine Land Conservation Conference. The conference brought together hundreds of attendees to train on best practices in all aspects of land trust work, network, and address the most pressing issues facing land conservation today.

As part of the podcast and speaking engagement, Nancy shared her 12 steps to build your personal brand to many individuals at the conference representing groups and organizations passionate about Maine and the environment. The attendees learned the tools to improve their personal brand because their personal brand is also a reflection of their organization.

A personal brand is important because as more and more people recognize and connect with you and your brand, it grows stronger and gains brand equity. This brand equity is your most valuable asset as you build your professional career, and as Nancy talks about, it adds to personal happiness in life.

Download a PDF for the 12 Steps to Grow Your Personal Brand.

In this episode:

1:45 – The discovery process for finding your personal brand and the attributes that make you unique. What do you bring to whatever you do?

2:30 – Nancy describes a personal brand manifesto, your biography, and personal beliefs and convictions.

3:36 – How do you show up in a Google search and how to improve SEO related to your name and personal brand.

4:18 – Why you need a plan to improve your personal brand and how you are going to communicate your brand to target audiences.

4:38 – Why media training is important and how it can change how people respond to being in front of a camera. Nancy describes the things you might be doing that take away from your message.

8:12 – What should be included in your most-wanted media list and why you should start with local media.

10:15 – How social media can impact your personal brand and what you can do to improve your image. Nancy talks about why you should look at your privacy settings on Facebook.

12:46 – Nancy talks about Facebook’s algorithm and how it can impact your posts.

13:19 – Why people are buying URLs for their baby’s name.

15:28 – The importance of personal speaking engagements and how they help your personal brand and improve the visibility of your organization.

16:24 – Why the local media is an important target audience for you and your organization. Nancy shares a story from her work at Sugarloaf about why local media contacts are important.

18:09 – Why podcasts are a great way to grow your personal brand and communicate with your key contacts and audiences.

19:15 – How opinion pieces in the newspaper are a great way to raise your profile and position yourself as an expert.


On podcasting: “It’s relatively low cost and it’s a great way to communicate on an ongoing basis with your key contacts and key audiences.” – Nancy Marshall, CEO of Marshall Communications and The PR Maven®


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