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Air date: 5/28/2019

About this episode:

Nicole Mahoney, CEO of Break the Ice Media
Nicole Mahoney, CEO of Break the Ice Media

Nicole is the CEO of Break the Ice Media, a public relations and digital marketing firm specializing in travel and tourism. Ever since she was a little girl, Nicole knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur. She earned a degree in marketing and then went on to complete a master’s degree in communications. After she started her family, Nicole decided it was time to freelance and owned several businesses before starting her own media company.

In this episode:

5:58 – What Nicole would have done differently regarding her network and which local organization she’s joined that she values.

9:30 – How Nicole’s first business taught her about media relations.

11:00 – Nicole shares how the beginning of social media helped her form the foundation of her company.

12:56 – How Nancy uses her Facebook page to connect with the media.

15:05 – Why Nicole started podcasting and how she uses it to build her network and what she means by “co-op-petition.”

19:00 – Nicole discusses how she dealt with balancing work and family as a business owner.

24:13 – The ways Nicole measures success at Break the Ice and for their clients.

26:35 – The history behind soap operas and Procter and Gamble.

28:06 – How once Nicole chose her agency’s niche, she was able to consciously grow her network.

30:27 – About the intersection of tourism conferences and Nicole’s podcast.

32:23 – How becoming more focused helped her overcome networking hurdles.

36:16 – The book by Robert Rose and podcast that Nicole recommends.

37:45 – Nicole’s advice for people just starting out in their careers.


“Don’t wait for other people to believe in you. You need to believe in yourself first. And once you do that, taking that first step or that any step will be so much easier.” – Nicole Mahoney, CEO of Break the Ice Media.


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