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Air date: 3/19/2019

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Maddie Purcell, Founder, Fyood Kitchen
Maddie Purcell, Founder, Fyood Kitchen

Maddie Purcell is the founder of Fyood Kitchen, an award-winning startup that puts on cooking competition parties – absolutely no experience required.

As a food lover who felt relegated to the culinary “audience,” Maddie decided to take matters into her own hands by flipping the script and creating an environment in which anyone can cook creatively and have a ton of fun doing it. In the process, she built an experience that brings people together around food in a new way, fostering deep connections and creating hilarious memories as they tackle the Fyood challenge together.

In the past year, Maddie has been nationally recognized as the Outstanding Young Entrepreneur of the Year by SCORE and named to the 2018 Mainebiz Next List, while Fyood Kitchen was named an American Small Business Champion and the SCORE Maine Innovative Business Award winner.

Recently, Maddie launched the Experience Maine Gift Guide to promote the quality and variety of experiential businesses in Maine. As local and national spending shifts toward experiences instead of things, Maddie saw an opportunity to grow the experiential side of the Maine economy by promoting other providers across the state and expanding the connotations of the #madeinmaine brand.

A frequent speaker on entrepreneurship and experiences, Maddie also coaches and mentors other founders and aspiring leaders. Outside of business, you can find her on the Ultimate Frisbee field or hiking on a mountain.

In this episode:

4:31 – How Maddie got started in the food business
6:03 – The fun of seeing the behind-the-scenes of a kitchen
7:25 – How Maddie navigated her career and got “unstuck” and started her business sooner
8:43 – The importance of gratitude and perspective in your career
11:21 – How public relations has played a role in the success of Maddie’s business
16:00 – What marketing techniques have worked the best and the value of search engine optimization
17:36 – Why Maddie loves Instagram stories for promoting her business
19:32 – How Maddie has overcome obstacles in her career and used therapy to help her career
20:35 – How Maddie had to get out of her DIY mentality and her example with gift certificates
25:02 – The types of parties and events that Fyood hosts
26:06 – The story behind why Maddie started Fyood
29:26 – Why Maddie values inbound leads through website and social media
31:03 – How the TV show Greenlight Maine inspired Maddie to start her business
33:46 – Why Maddie loves Slack and Drive for working on business projects
34:21 – The book that Maddie recommends for business owners and how it gave her the confidence to start her business
36:05 – A personal board, and how Maddie looks at entrepreneurship and developing a board through relationships
37:35 – Nancy and Maddie celebrate becoming part of each other’s personal boards
38:03 – The value of finding a third option and how Maddie has used it to grow her business


Ask a question that leads to something that’s better than on the table.” — Maddie Purcell, founder of Fyood Kitchen.

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