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Air date: 2/26/2019

About this episode:

Skylar Welch, Loan Officer at Acadia Lending Group
Skylar Welch, Loan Officer at Acadia Lending Group

Skylar grew up on a small island in Eastport, Maine. She graduated from the University of Maine, and she spent time studying on the coast of California. After graduating, she took a job with a title company and this is when she found her love for the real estate business.

In 2011, Skylar started with Acadia Lending Group where she found her passion and became a loan officer. In her role with the company she provides affordable, reliable lending options to people looking to purchase property in Maine. Her main focus is to make the process as smooth and easy as possible for the client, while making it a great experience. She lives in Windham, Maine, with her family.

In this episode:

3:05 – How Skylar got started in the real estate business at Acadia Lending

6:41 – Why starting from the bottom of the business was so important to Skylar and the importance of her mentors, John and Heather Rose

10:30 – How Skylar uses Facebook to get testimonials and how to tap into your clients as a referral source

13:19 – How she picked up three buyers in one month and the value of national groups on social media

17:06 – Why a personal touch is important in her line of work

18:15 – Skylar and Nancy talk about strategies for reaching millennials

20:23 – The biggest challenge Skylar faced in the real estate industry and how she handled it

22:55 – What her biggest referral source is and what she does to keep in touch with them

27:19 – Why Skylar tracks every lead that she gets and what she does with that information

28:43 – How Skylar has built her real estate network, including her clients and real estate agents

31:22 – The value of building relationships and setting goals that are involved in the business of real estate

33:17 – Advice for people getting into the mortgage business

Treat clients like you would want to be treated and like they are the most important thing you have going on.” – Skylar Welch, Loan Officer at Acadia Lending Group



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