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Air date: 2/12/2019

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Kevin Frisbie, Author, Radio Show Host and Financial Advisor
Kevin Frisbie, Author, Radio Show Host and Financial Advisor

Kevin Frisbie is from Rumford, Maine, is the owner of Frisbie & Associates and is one of Maine’s top financial advisors. He is also the author of the book Every Dime Every Day, a roadmap for self-help and a personal development book with a compelling and true “rags to riches” story.

He is also the weekly voice of Maine’s Financial Safari Radio Show.

In this episode:

2:30 – How Kevin got his start in the financial services industry

3:33 – How to not work another day in your life, Kevin’s outlook on his career

5:17 – The importance of walking the walk when it comes to financial advice

6:50 – How to find a financial advisor and the importance of asking questions

8:24 – The value of time and money

9:34 – How Kevin uses public relations, media and marketing to share information with his clients

12:16 – How Kevin handles the challenges of compliance with his public relations, marketing and advertising

16:06 – The obstacles Kevin has faced, especially in the financial industry, and how to address them

18:38 – Nancy explains the importance of getting your audience to know, like and trust you

23:11 – How Kevin has doubled his number of clients and the metrics he is using to engage with his audience and potential clients

24:27 – What Kevin and Nancy think is the best marketing tool for business growth

26:52 – How Kevin has built his audience and what messages are important to them

27:28 – Kevin shares his roots and why he is so passionate about his work

28:32 – The story behind Nancy’s first published article and her passion for public relations

30:22 – How Kevin has handled the challenge of keeping up with technology

33:03 – The value Kevin places on networking and a challenge that is facing the financial industry

34:49 – The importance of a mentorship program and being a role model

37:59 – Kevin’s open invitation for PR Maven Nation

I found that by mentoring some advisors and taking them under my wing, the business has flourished and been incredibly more successful because of that relationship.” – Kevin Frisbie, author, radio show host and financial advisor

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