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Air date: 1/22/2019

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Episode 22: Susan Baier, Head Honcho, Audience Audit Inc.
Susan Baier, Head Honcho, Audience Audit Inc.

Susan Baier helps organizations figure out what’s going on in the minds of their prospects and customers, and how to use that information to craft targeted, efficient and effective marketing programs.

Her company, Audience Audit, develops custom attitudinal segmentation research for smart marketing agencies and their clients in a wide range of industries. She has worked with more than 50 agencies and their clients, including Gap, Kona Grill, Infusionsoft, Jayco, Tufts University, AT&T, Pella and more.

Susan has been a marketing strategist for 30 years, working in Fortune 500 firms such as Dial and ConocoPhillips, as well as in marketing agencies. She has an MBA in marketing and entrepreneurship and has mentored hundreds of small business owners in marketing and audience strategy.

In this episode:

4:02 – How her senior year in college snuck up on her and where she landed her first job at an agency

5:22 – Why the recession inspired her own business, Audience Audit

6:32 – Why it is important to know the track you are on is where you want to end up

8:12 – Why knowing your target audiences can uncover important information and attitudes of your customers

13:15 – The mistake business owners make in trying to identify their target audiences and why people need to understand a broader perspective

16:32 – How Nancy and Susan met at an AMI conference

18:30 – A shout-out to Drew McLellan for bringing Nancy and Susan together

22:27 – The challenges Susan faced with her business and how she has connected with people to help her with “mean coaching”

26:08 – Why research is so important for marketing and the importance of client and agency feedback in knowing how it gets used

29:10 – Why a strategic plan, like The Marshall Plan®, is important for accomplishing your goals and understanding the process that a business needs to go through

31:30 – The importance of multiple touchpoints with your contacts, including personal interactions

34:15 – Susan’s approach to building her network and attracting the right people

36:10 – Put aside demographic profiles, define the problems your customers want to solve

Think about defining the people you want to serve by the problems they want to solve and why they haven’t solved them already.” – Susan Baier, Head Honcho, Audience Audit Inc.

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