Show Notes

Air Date: 6/14/2022

The Only Question That Matters: How Does Your Brand Make People Feel?

Branding is the way that an organization or a person connects with its audiences. Whether it’s for personal or professional reasons (or both), branding essentially tells your target audience a story about you that they can connect with. It is your story. For example, NFL quarterback Tom Brady, who recently announced his return to professional football, brands himself as a ruthless competitor, but also a loving teammate who cares about team camaraderie. His teammates say the same.

Branding is how you make people feel. The same goes for business. Your brand will attract the people who feel good about doing business with you or align themselves with your brand. By the same token, your brand will repel those who don’t feel good about you and refuse to embrace your brand values.

Continue reading here to learn how to improve how people feel about your brand.

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The article read in this episode originally appeared on the Forbes Agency Council CommunityVoice™ in April 2022.


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