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Air Date: 10/5/2021

How PR can help spread the word about your book, with Spencer Stephens, author of “Church of Golf” and “Blood Lily”

From getting inspiration and setting a writing schedule to promoting the finished result, Spencer Stephens explains the process of writing a good book. Spencer also talks about the importance of public relations to spread the word about your writing, becoming a thought leader and some other writers who have used public relations well. Spencer shares how his previous career helped him become a writer and what books were inspirational to him. Listen to learn more about Spencer and his new book, “Blood Lily.”

3:40 – Spencer explains how he was a writer from a young age, but didn’t know it.

7:12 – Spencer describes what it takes to write a good book.

9:28 – Nancy asks Spencer what his writing schedule looks like.

12:02 – Spencer shares some of the places he gets inspiration.

14:30 – Spencer explains how his experience as a journalist and a lawyer helped with his writing.

18:39 – Spencer talks about why he wanted to invest in public relations services for his new book, “Blood Lily.”

20:19 – Spencer describes the advantages of being positioned as a thought leader.

23:07 – Spencer lists some other authors who have used public relations to their advantage.

25:06 – Spencer shares some books that have impacted his writing and world views.



“You have got to get out and put yourself out there. The marketing, promotion and publicity are essential. If you don’t have about a million people who at least know who you are, you’re not going to sell 10,000 books.” – Spencer Stephens, author of “Church of Golf” and “Blood Lily.”



Edna St. Vincent Millay

Stephen King

Lily King

Paul Doiron

John Grisham

Scott Turow

Ted Morrissey

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“Sell with Authority” by Drew McLellan and Stephen Woessner

Erin French

“The Shipping News” by Annie Proulx

Maine Authors Publishing


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About the guest:

Spencer Stephens escaped a tense existence as a big-city trial attorney and is now content to be settled in Maine where he writes novels. His first novel, “Church of Golf,” tells the story of a washed-up college football hero who reaches middle age and finds himself broke, drunk, lumpy and sucking for air. For him, the way back involves religious devotion to the study of golf. His second novel, “Blood Lily,” was released in July 2021. It tells the story of a Saudi woman – a member of the royal family – whose father coerces her into going to America to run a terrorist cell. She’s desperate to escape the network of violent authoritarians who control her life and she yearns for peace and contentment. Naturally, she dreams of life in Maine.

Spencer was a Navy brat, born at a U.S. Navy hospital and raised mostly in Annapolis in the shadow of the U.S. Naval Academy. Growing up, he worked at Annapolis’ waterfront restaurants as a dishwasher and cook. His father, an academy graduate and nuclear submariner, was lost at sea when Spencer was a boy. A turbulent 10 years followed while Spencer sank into drug use and petty crime. He turned things around when, as a college kid, he discovered a love for reading and books. After college, he enjoyed a career in journalism, writing for daily newspapers and becoming a polished feature and news writer. While in law school, he and his wife founded a small publishing company. He practiced law for 25 years, handling civil lawsuits all over Maryland and in Washington, D.C. He established his own law firm in 2000 and remained head  of the firm for nearly 20 years.

When Spencer’s not writing, he’s enjoying time with his wife or zipping along Maine’s country roads on an Italian racing bicycle.


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