Show Notes

Air Date: 9/14/2021

How to get a head start on your career with Josh Kim

Starting your own business is a lot of hard work, especially while attending a competitive college like Colby. In this episode, Josh Kim talks about starting The Cubby, a community for college artists to sell their work. From a saying that has helped him stay on track to a book he found inspirational, Josh shares the tips that have helped him grow his personal and business brands. Josh also describes how his network has helped him along the way.

3:22 – Josh talks about his entrepreneurial career while attending Colby College.

6:50 – Josh explains what The Cubby is.

9:51 – Josh shares how Greenlight Maine has helped with his public relations.

12:50 – Josh describes The Cubby’s brand community.

18:02 – Josh explains how this podcast interview is the first intentional step he has taken to grow his personal brand.

21:59 – Josh shares some advice for student entrepreneurs on using public relations and personal branding.

23:48 – Nancy asks Josh if he would do anything differently if he had a chance to do everything over again.

25:09 – Josh recommends a book that has helped him in his career.



“I think I have to start with a reminder to myself and a saying I liked to remember as I started my college journey. “Small wins add up,” is something that I like to think a lot about. It’s something I came to realize in high school. This idea that to get somewhere far, you need to take the first step and you really need to take small steps in order to accomplish something big.” – Josh Kim, founder and CEO at The Cubby



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About the guest:

Josh Kim is the founder and CEO of The Cubby, the first art marketplace where college student creators can exclusively showcase and sell their work to the public for no fees. As a maker himself, he intimately understands the joy of making something out of nothing, the vulnerability of putting forth your own work for public critique, and the loneliness of having no one to share in the highs and lows.

Realizing that he wasn’t alone in his experience, Josh conceived of The Cubby as a support network for makers striving to go from zero to one, who have no one to turn to for guidance on how to navigate startup setbacks. As a college student, he specifically wanted to empower amateur makers and provide a platform where they could showcase their work to a larger audience than they could reach on their own.

The Cubby officially launched in February 2020, but for his vision and startup work, Josh was named the 2020 Emerging Leader of the Year by the economic development organization of central Maine. With over 600 student artists from 200 schools across the country represented on The Cubby, support for amateur makers is in high demand; Josh is relishing the opportunity to build new features that will help amateurs make the leap to become professional makers.

Josh Kim is from Waltham, Massachusetts and is a senior at Colby College studying product design and sociology.


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