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Air Date: 12/8/2020

How to make your website last

As founder and CEO of Kanopi Studios, Anne helps create clarity around project needs and turns client conversations into actionable outcomes. She enjoys helping clients identify their problems, and then empowering the Kanopi team to execute great solutions.

Anne is an advocate for open source and co-organizes the Bay Area Drupal Camp. When she’s not contributing to the community or running her thoughtful web agency, she enjoys yoga, meditation, treehouses, dharma, cycling, paddleboarding, kayaking, and hanging with her nephew.


In the episode:

How often do you update your website? While many businesses completely redesign their website every two to three years, Anne and her team at Kanopi Studios take a different approach. By continuously updating their clients’ websites, Kanopi is able to increase the longevity of a website to ten years! Anne describes this approach to web design in this episode and how constant web adjustments are better for SEO and ROI. Find out how you can maximize your website’s potential!

1:49 – Anne explains how the name of her business, Kanopi Studios, originated from growing up in Costa Rica.

3:38 – Anne talks about how COVID-19 has impacted her business.

4:19 – Anne describes the holistic approach she and her team takes to web design.

7:21 – Anne shares how she has used digital marketing to build the network of her agency.

10:58 – Anne explains what makes Kanopi Studios different from competitors.

13:04 – Anne talks about how she built a community around her brand.

15:39 – Anne describes how important maintaining your website is.

20:39 – Anne explains the how and why of website support.

26:59 – Anne talks about Google’s changing algorithm.

30:10 – Anne shares the different ways she builds her own personal brand.

Helping female entrepreneurs thrive

32:12 – Anne offers some resources that have been helpful for her.



“We find that it is so important to combine your website efforts with all of your offline efforts. Usually, you end up directing folks to your website. Whether you’re at an event networking, you end up saying ‘Here’s my card,” and they’ll end up at your website.” – Anne Stefanyk, founder and CEO of Kanopi Studios



Kanopi Studios

Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller

Open Source

Start with Why by Simon Sinek


Google Analytics


Simple Habit

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

Never Lose a Customer Again by Joey Coleman

Giftology by John Ruhlin


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