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Air Date: 11/24/2020

Using your network to live your dream

Matt Javit is living a life of many chapters; all building on the next. He is a five-time International Sales award winner, host of the Amazon Prime Video show World Barber Shop Adventures, author of POLICE: Brotherhood in Uniform Around the World, and Ambassador of Culture.

With his success at a large multi-national company, Matt was awarded trips to exotic locations around the globe to celebrate with his peers. This new exposure opened his eyes to the adventure and opportunity of cultural immersion travel. With a deep desire to understand more about the places and people he had yet to discover, Matt made a difficult decision that few have the confidence to do. He left his high-paying career to travel the world!


In the episode:

With success in his sales job, Matt was able to travel the world and discover his passion for visiting new places and cultures. In this episode, Matt describes how he was able to live his dream of becoming a world traveler and how he came to love visiting barbershops through his travels. By using his network, Matt was able to keep travel costs down because he would stay with his connections or the friends and family of people he knew.

3:17 – Matt tells the story of how his sales job led to his love of travel.

6:01 – Matt describes how his idea for visiting barbershops around the world came to be and why it interests him so much.

10:41 – Matt shares some of his favorite destinations around the world.

13:54 – Matt talks about how COVID-19 has impacted his 2020 travel plans.

14:44 – Matt explains how he uses his network to find families to host him during his travels and to make new connections.

20:57 – Matt lists some of his favorite barbershops he has visited in his travels.

25:16 – Matt shares some tips he would give to barbers.

29:52 – Matt provides a list of some resources that have helped him in his career.



“Barbershops, whether you’re in the States or you’re traveling, there’s just a uniqueness. Whether you speak the language they’re speaking or not, it’s kind of like when you walk in that door, there’s a bonding that goes on.” – Matt Javit, world traveler and publisher at World Barber Shop Adventures



World Barbershop Adventures

Society of American Travel Writers

Cliff’s Barbershop

Wolfman Barber Shop, Tokyo, Japan

Bali Barber, Bali, Indonesia

Gee’s Clippers

Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller

As a Man Thinketh by James Allen

Tony Robbins

Jim Rohn


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