New Study Shows Payment-Powered Rewards Increase Convenience Store Revenues

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October 18, 2017

Contact: Nancy Marshall, CEO
Marshall Communications

PR InfographicPORTLAND, Maine – A new study by ZipLine, a provider of private-label debit mobile and card payments to the convenience store industry, shows that consumers who join payment-powered loyalty programs spend more and visit more frequently.

In the 2017 ZipLine Purchase Lift Model Study, consumers who joined one of ZipLine’s payment-as-loyalty programs showed an overall 35-percent lift in both transactions and fuel gallons sold. It also indicated that among customers who join a private-label debit loyalty program, 83 percent become active users.

Participating convenience store operators saw chain-wide increases of:

  • an average of four visits per member per month (compared to three visits during the first month of program implementation)
  • an average of 44 gallons per member per month (compared to 33 gallons)
  • an average 93 dollars spent per member per month (compared to $70)

The heaviest participants in the loyalty program, called Super Adopters, showed a 135-percent increase in purchasing above their initial purchasing behavior.

ZipLine offers a payment-powered loyalty program tied to a convenience store-branded debit card. The program enables retailers to collect purchase-related data, analyze that data, and use it to create individualized consumer experiences that can drive repeat business. Until now, traditional retailers were limited in their ability to collect this level of data.

ZipLine Chief Marketing Officer Kristen Bailey said, “Online, retailers can easily track when people shop and what they shop for. By replicating the data-driven models online retailers employ, convenience store operators can create personalized shopping experiences for individual customers. This is the future of loyalty programs.”

For example, customers who regularly grab lunch on the go could be rewarded with an expanded selection or a sweet treat at checkout. “The key is to identify consumer interests by analyzing their behavior patterns, then to deliver something more than they’d ever expect,” added Bailey.

Building on the findings of the study, ZipLine will introduce a new program, ZipLine Rewards, in spring 2018. This program will provide retailers with next-level technologies, including mobile technology, to surprise and delight customers with relevant rewards that motivate loyalty and, in turn, increase sales.

This is excellent timing for retailers. According to Business Insider, debit cards now represent 70 percent of all payment cards and will continue to grow in usage. It also estimates that mobile payments, powered by debit cards and loyalty programs, could rise by a compound annual growth rate of 80 percent between 2015 and 2020.

For the study, ZipLine analyzed historical data for 165,000 members enrolled between January 2015 and December 2016. Read the full report here.


Editor’s Note: Click on the image above or the link below to access a downloadable version.

ZipLine Infographic

About ZipLine:
ZipLine, established in 2004, offers private-label debit card and mobile payment solutions to retailers, enabling them to increase customer loyalty and sales. Its experience spans multiple industries including grocery, pharmacy, convenience, and retail fuel. ZipLine’s clients include top retailers including 7-Eleven, Circle K, Citgo, Cumberland Farms, Irving, and others. The company has locations in Portland, Maine, and Coconut Creek, Florida. For more information, visit

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