By Nancy Marshall, The PR Maven®, for Greenlight Maine

The PR Maven’s first marketing minute is all about being able to clearly and concisely articulate what you do, who you do it for, and how it benefits them.

#1 We do X for Y so they can ZWe call this your XYZ statement. It articulates what your business does in two or three concise sentences.

It’s something you can use in a variety of places, including when you first meet someone in a networking setting, or on the home page of your website. Having an XYZ statement on your home page can help people visiting your website know whether they are in the right place.

We do X—where X is what you do, or the products and services your business provides to customers—for Y—where Y is the ideal targeted client or customer of your business—so they can Z—where Z is the benefit of doing business with you.

Be sure your XYZ statement is on the upper left-hand corner of your website home page, and perhaps every page, because that’s where your website visitors’ eyes will go first when they come to your page.

Your website visitors will see it first and they will know they are in the right place.

Here’s an example from my business, Marshall Communications.

At Marshall Communications, we create strategic marketing communications plans for clients statewide and nationally so they can achieve and even exceed their sales and revenue goals.