Two MasksMany clients that we work with look for innovative ways to reach new audiences and acquire new leads and customers. One of the programs we frequently recommend is Google’s pay-per-click program (PPC), AdWords. Microsoft Bing has a similar platform called AdCenter. Both of these are keyword auction systems that allow a company to bid on specific keyword phrases for better visibility. The funny thing is that when we mention AdWords, most people’s smiles turn into frowns because of the horror stories they have heard about paying a lot of money and getting very little result. Allow me to turn that frown upside down.

Though Google and Bing will tout how easy it is to set up an account and start advertising, the truth is that it is not so easy. What is easy to do is to waste a lot of money very quickly and feel like you were left at the dinner table holding the tab.

AdWords has quite a few different programs that can be used depending on what your business is trying to achieve. I will go through each of these and I will also highlight why you should absolutely hire a professional pay-per-click management firm like Marshall Communications to help you.

The Search Network

The search network includes Google’s search engine, hundreds of non-Google search engines of partner websites (e.g., AOL), Google Maps, and Google Shopping. These are text-based ads that appear in response to a user’s query.

The Display Network

The Display Network includes a collection of Google websites such as Google Finance, Blogger, Gmail, YouTube, partner websites, and mobile sites and apps. Display ads can include text, image, rich media, and video formats. Unlike the Search Network, these ads do not appear on search engine pages but on the websites that participate in Google’s content network.

The Remarketing Network

This is a subset of the Display Network, but its purpose is to re-engage people who visited your website. Examples here would be abandoned cart remarketing to try and get folks to return to their cart and make a purchase, new product remarketing to further explain benefits or features, or inquiry remarketing to get folks to come back and complete a form.

The Shopping Network

These product ads appear as thumbnails on search results pages and are perfect for companies who are selling goods. This program works with Google’s Merchant Center and a company’s product data.

The Video Network

This is a relatively new program offered by Google and it operates by connecting your YouTube account to your AdWords account to display video ads. These ads appear in YouTube search results (in-search), in before/during/after videos on YouTube (in-stream), and on Google’s Display Network (in-display). These ads can be wonderful for brand awareness, launching a new product, or for any purpose where a more live, energetic and human connection needs to be made.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile is a subset of all the above networks and it is quickly becoming a critical aspect of a company’s advertising channels. Text ads are served on the search network and text, image and video ads can be served on the display network. The goals with mobile advertising are usually a bit different from desktop and tablet. On mobile devices, conversions tend to be finding directions, calling the store, visiting in person, downloading an app, or starting a purchase which is then later finished on a desktop or tablet. Mobile ads have very specific formats depending on the device type.

Why You Should Hire a Professional PPC Manager

Though we touched on the different types of advertising networks that AdWords has, we did not touch on audience targeting, bid strategies, the proper way to structure campaigns and ad groups, or the depth of measurement and analysis. When you consider all of these together it becomes clear why it will save you time, money, and frustration to hire an experienced PPC manager. Here are just some of the common pitfalls that folks who try to manage AdWords on their own face:

  • Improper account set-up
  • Incorrectly structured campaigns and ad groups
  • Poorly chosen keyword match types
  • Inappropriate bid management options
  • Poorly or incorrectly written ads that violate Google’s extensive ad guidelines
  • Failure to connect AdWords to Analytics for measurement and analysis

This short list can cost companies thousands of wasted dollars and create a massive amount of frustration. You are a busy business owner. Focus on your company. Let us do the “dirty work.” You will find that even with management fees to pay, you will spend less on cost and you will earn more leads and sales. Proper PPC account management yields positive results.

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