When you created your LinkedIn profile, did you take the time to write a thoughtful summary section?

If not, it’s time to go back to LinkedIn and work on your summary. I believe this is the most under-used and potentially the most powerful career-builder and professional networking tool available to all of us.

LinkedInIn the summary section, you can describe yourself and your unique value proposition in 2,000 words of well-written prose that will draw the right people into your life, whether it’s an employer, a client, or a strategic partner. The key is that Google will use the search terms in your description to find you when people are looking for someone who offers what makes you unique and valuable.

If you are a plumber, your summary might lead off with:

As Portland, Maine’s most versatile plumber, I work on large and small jobs, whether in a new condominium or office complex, or a single-family residential office. I work throughout the Portland area in towns such as Falmouth, Yarmouth, Cumberland, Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough and South Portland on plumbing jobs such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Notice how this plumber’s description included the geographic locations where she works, as well as the types of jobs she works on. The specificity, meaning the town names, and including both residential and commercial categories, provides key words that Google (and other search engines) will use to provide people with the best possible search results.

Be sure to include your passions! What you are passionate about is usually what makes you different, unique, special and desirable as a professional:
As a plumber, I am passionate about helping my clients to solve their worst plumbing nightmares so they can get back in business, or live in a home where everything is working properly.

Include your accomplishments, your education, your passions and your most desired outcomes in terms of jobs, projects, or partnerships. Once you use LinkedIn to put this information out to the world, it is likely you will attract what you desire back into your life.