By Anna McDermott, Content Creator

On The PR Maven® Podcast, Nancy has mentioned how she loves being a mentor and advises people to look into mentorship – whether as a mentor or mentee. I think mentorship programs may be overlooked sometimes, so it was great to hear Nancy’s opinion echoed in her interview with Kevin Frisbie. Kevin is a financial advisor and is passionate about mentoring. He said, in his line of work, it can be very difficult to get started as you struggle with building credibility. You have to have a mentorship program in order to succeed. By partnering with an advisor in the finance world, you will have someone to teach you what you need to know.

Kevin Frisbie, Author, Radio Show Host and Financial Advisor

Kevin said that he thinks mentees are valuable to any business. They’re younger and have a fresh perspective and a different thought process, which is beneficial to your clients. But mentorships are not just for finance positions. Any career path can be guided through mentorship.

Why get a mentor, you say? Sometimes you need help in focusing your career plan or have a specific goal you want to reach professionally. If you have a mentor, you can share your goals and, with their advice, find creative ways to work toward them. You will develop a relationship with someone in your industry who can serve as a lifelong friend and advisor. It is the ultimate in networking. As Nancy likes to say, “Your net worth is your network.”

You typically only meet with your mentor once a month so be sure to make the most of their (and your) time. Prepare your questions for them in advance. If there is a specific professional obstacle weighing you down, shoot them an email beforehand so they have time to ponder a solution.

Mentors can be found through programs or by simply finding a professional you admire and asking them. It is quite flattering to be asked to be a person’s mentor so even if they don’t have the time, they will take it as a compliment.

Why be a mentor? Mentoring is a way to volunteer and give back to your community. It isn’t a huge time commitment but can really make an impact on your mentee’s life. Your business can also learn a thing or two from the perspective of a younger person who has their hand on the pulse of a different generation.

Some mentoring programs you can look into are Big Brothers Big Sisters or Mentor. You can always try out mentorship and see if it’s a good fit for you and your business.

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