Seven tips to feeling joy in your career and attracting others into your life

Friends around campfireBusiness is about relationships with people. The more people you can attract to work with you, and spend time with you, either as customers, clients, employees, or even as bosses, the more success you will have in your career.

I have found that my own sense of enthusiasm and passion for my career have been key to my success. You, too can feel the same sense of enthusiasm if you follow these steps:

  1. Take care of yourself. If you don’t feel good about yourself, you won’t be able to exude a sense of confidence. It sounds basic, but remember that proper sleep, clean eating, and close relationships with family and friends will nurture your soul and revitalize your spirit.
  2. Learn new things constantly. Don’t just stay in the box of your chosen career. Go to museums to learn new things. Read magazines that don’t necessarily apply to your own job, but that broaden your mind. Read novels. Go to book talks with authors. Stay on top of current events. Your ability to engage in conversation with others is a hallmark of an interesting person who others will be attracted to.
  3. Make new friends (but keep the old). Just like the song we used to sing in Girl Scouts, it’s true that you need to nurture your long-time friendships while constantly seeking out new friends. Friendships are based on give and take. They’re not all about you. They need to be based on listening and learning about others and what keeps them up at night. Think about how you can help your friends. Lend a compassionate ear. Show your friends some love and caring. You will attract new friends just by smiling, caring and staying in touch.
  4. Feel a sense of gratitude every day. Oprah Winfrey keeps a gratitude journal and she swears that it keeps her grounded in a feeling of not taking anything for granted. I admire her for that discipline, even when she seems as if she must have everything and anything she wants. But she constantly feels grateful for the little things that make her life amazing.
  5. Get excited about your business. If you are truly joyful about what you are doing every day, others will notice and want to feel that sense of joy and excitement.
  6. Find hobbies outside of work that keep you stimulated and engaged. If you are able to talk about what you did on the weekend, or the amazing vacation you are looking forward to, you will be more interesting at work. Have you tried scuba diving? Bird watching? Knitting or crocheting? Try new things and develop expertise. This will add new avenues for social connections that could lead to business connections. For me, skiing and cycling have been great outlets for fitness, friends and even business networking. Just last night I was at a party with a TV news host, an attorney, and a sales representative for a medical products company…all people I plan to connect with in the future.
  7. Enjoy your life every day, have fun, and create a life balance that brings you peace. Nobody wants to be around a person who is constantly stressed (remember the days in college when everyone tried to outdo each other with the amount of homework they had?) Sure, we all have stress and pressure, but creating balance by incorporating exercise and mindfulness into your life (have you tried meditating?) will all make you a more attractive person. Spending time in nature is especially good for the body and the spirit.

These seven tips, when practiced regularly, will not only attract others but will also make you feel happier in your career and your life. Make enthusiasm a hallmark of your personal brand. I have, and it seems to be working!

  • linda welter says:

    Great article nancy marshall! hooray, hooray, it’s nearly the first of may!