NMC Workshop flyerFive members of the Nancy Marshall Communications team will be presenting a series of 30-minute workshops next Wednesday, August 13 at The Senator Inn on Western Avenue in Augusta, Maine. Admission is free for our clients and friends (that means you), but you must RSVP by calling 207-623-4177 or emailing jsettlemire@marshallpr.com.

I will be giving the first workshop of the day about Modern-Day PR and Personal Branding. I’m going to talk about how PR is no longer just targeted at the news media. Essentially, we are all publishers who can build up our own audience of our targeted customers for whom we can curate content and provide stories that are educational and informative in various online forums. These forums may include blogs (like this one), or websites, or social networks (like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus). Our challenge as business owners is to keep our audience engaged in our content, while we position ourselves as thought leaders and experts in our chosen field.

I will talk about how personal branding involves telling your own story in such a way that you position yourself as an expert who can solve your customers’ problems.

So, if you are a dentist, you want to position yourself as someone who knows everything there is to know about taking care of your patients’ teeth; and if you are a veterinarian, you can show that you are up to speed on all the latest and greatest methods of caring for pets or farm animals. Whatever your area of specialty, you need to create and share content online that differentiates you from your competition and establishes your thought leadership.

My 30-minute talk on PR and Personal Branding is only the first of five inspirational and engaging sessions that will happen during this action-packed morning at The Senator. Check out our flyer to see the full agenda and please join us. We’re also going to have some great coffee, fruit and muffins to share while we are learning about Marketing for the 21st Century.

I hope to see you there!