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January 2020 — How Social Media Has Changed Travel Media; Remember: You Are Not The Target Audience

December 2019 — When and Why to Do a Website Redesign; Content Marketing is the New PR

November 2019 — How to Improve the Customer Experience from the Very Beginning; How LinkedIn Can Help You Build Your Network And Your Brand

October 2019 — Video is the New Way to Tell Stories; Eight Ways A Company Can Leverage Social Media To Attract Mainstream Media Attention

September 2019 — Online Reviews and How to Handle Them; Create A Network Map To Build Your Personal Brand

August 2019 — Advertising vs. Public Relations—What is the Difference?; Stand Out From The Crowd By Going Old School: Write Personal Thank-You Notes

July 2019 — How to Do Your Own Market Research; How Traveling Can Teach You To Be A Better Business Leader

June 2019 — Don’t Reinvent the Wheel – The Art of Repurposing Content; Why Podcasting Is A Smart Marketing Strategy For Businesses Today

May 2019 — How to Come Up With and Create Quality Content; PR And Marketing Are Expensive. Start With A Plan.

April 2019 — How to Get Your Press Release Noticed; How A 420-Calorie Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Taught Me About The Power Of A Brand Touch

March 2019 — Tips to Build Your Personal Brand; Cultivating Your Personal Brand And Network Is Like Growing Your Garden

February 2019 — Focus Groups: Find Out What Your Customers are Really Thinking

January 2019 — How to Make the Most of Media Relations; Giving Thanks With a Note

November 2018 — The Value of Using YouTube for Your Business; upcoming webinar

October 2018 — Twitter Tips for Business; The Personal Brand Called Dependability; upcoming webinar

September 2018 — 7 Tips for Successful Subject Lines; Make the Most of Networking in Maine

August 2018 — Facebook Live – How to Use it for Your Small Business

July 2018 — 12 Tips for Your Next Press Conference; The Value of Infographics

June 2018 — Is Your Website Optimized for Voice Searches? If Not, It Should Be. Here’s Why…; Triage Your Smartphone Usage to Honor Those People in Your Presence

May 2018 — Five Ways to Boost Sales through Public Relations; Audit and Enhance Your Personal Brand in Six Easy Steps

April 2018 — 5 Signs You Need Media Training; Why is it Important to Build a Personal Brand?

March 2018 — Lessons from an Agency Rebranding Process; The Value of Writing Guest Opinion Columns and Letters to the Editor