By Anna McDermott

Michael Katz

If you manage your business’s social media platforms, write a weekly blog post or send out a monthly newsletter, you know how overwhelming creating new content can be.

There are so many channels you can use – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, vlogs, blogs, newsletters, podcasts – it is daunting. That’s why one of my favorite pieces of advice from Michael Katz, chief penguin at Blue Penguin Development, when he was interviewed on The PR Maven Podcast® was how he has learned to repurpose his content in numerous ways.

Michael writes a newsletter, which he then turns into a blog post, posts that on social media and then he records a podcast, which is basically him reading his newsletter, so it goes on iTunes. He has written several books, which are his newsletters reformatted into book form. “I am trying to use the available channels to get in front of as many people as possible, in whatever way they want to consume it,” he said. Michael said that some people don’t like to read, so the podcast is perfect for them. Others love Twitter, so he ensures his content is there, too.

Michael hears his clients say things like “I don’t like Twitter,” or “I don’t listen to podcasts,” but it’s not about what you like – it’s what others like. Some people have long commutes and putting on headphones and listening is the best way for them to get your information. Others are on Twitter all the time, so even if it’s not your thing, remember to serve your audience in whatever manner they like best.

Repurposing your content on different platforms is a great way to consistently produce new content that can reach different audiences.

Now, that said, don’t do everything just because it’s free (usually) and you think you must – as Michael noted, your online content and its distribution channels still must line up with your audience and goals. It is always better to do a few things well than many things poorly.

Nancy added that whatever you do online – from blogs to Facebook posts – reflects on your brand. If you don’t do it well for yourself, your clients will assume you can’t do it well for them.

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