By Abbey Violette

Abbey with sweets.
Thank you to Nancy for sending me these sweets for National Interns Day!

Last week my highlight was helping to develop a social media strategy tactic that targets a younger audience as part of a client’s Marshall Plan®. This tactic honed in on fast-moving social media channels such as TikTok, explaining how this client can use the platform to appeal to a younger demographic and gain exposure. As a member of Gen Z, it was exciting to share my knowledge of TikTok, and learn how others within the same industry are successfully using the platform.

I also created a social media editorial catalog, campaign outline and website content recommendations for our next Marshall Plan®. This project required that I research journalists’ Twitter handles, help develop a strategy for how our client can network with journalists and analyze the client’s website to help provide site recommendations. In addition, I completed a social media and communications audit for a client, analyzing their Google search results, business website and the social media platforms they are present on.

While interning here at Marshall Communications, I have learned so much from the whole team. Emma has taught me the most, since she has trained and walked me through much of the work I complete, such as how to write a press release and pitch, what goes into the post-production of a podcast episode, how to conduct media searches, how to complete reports, and she has shared some graphic design tips. Nancy has taught me how to word sentences carefully and accordingly, how to converse with clients, what PR is today, and the services Marshall Communications can offer. Kat has taught me additional grammar rules and aspects through proofing the writing I complete, and how to post and use social media on behalf of Marshall Communications. Although I have not had the chance to work with Charlene and Whitney as much as I have the others, they have taught me about the aspects of the tourism accounts and the types of work they complete for these clients.

Stay tuned next week to read more about what it is like to be an intern at Marshall Communications, and what I am learning!

Date: August 1, 2022