By Abbey Violette

Abbey in Bar Harbor, March 2021

My highlight last week was the pages I wrote for the new Visit Maine website. I was most excited to have this new opportunity to complete writing related to tourism – especially for our beautiful state of Maine! I am proud that I had this opportunity to showcase my creative persuasive writing skills, and I am excited to continue working on more pages for Visit Maine. Stay tuned for when the site launches to see all the interesting new topics we are writing about and be sure to check out the exciting, fun spots we mention!

Last week, I posted the promotional social media postings for The PRMaven® Podcast’s newest episode: 194, How To Use Teamwork and Word of Mouth, With Larry Murphy, Matthew Murphy and James Beaupre from The Devil’s Half Acre. This episode was interesting to listen to and learn about Bangor’s rich history and how Larry, Matt and James created their award-winning signature gin: Jigger and Jones. In addition, I completed a social media editorial catalog, campaign outlines and a media list for a client’s Marshall Plan® (P.S. I am excited to see the final product of this first plan that I have contributed to!). I also created another social and news mentions report for a client, specifically narrowing in on their special events, and created a scoring chart of these events for this client to better evaluate the success of marketing these events.

This last week I learned about the true power that word of mouth has on a business. Of course, all business students at Thomas College are taught about the importance of word of mouth, but to actually hear about a business thriving off word of mouth is astonishing. In our digital world, word of mouth is starting to prove itself as an effective form of marketing more and more, from the rise of online reviews to people now turning to TikTok and Instagram instead of Google – all of these mediums or forms of marketing are essentially forms of word of mouth, which people trust.

Stay tuned next week to read more about what it is like to be an intern at Marshall Communications, and what I am learning!

Date: July 25, 2022