By Abbey Violette

Abbey Violette

This past week of interning at Marshall Communications was exciting as I had the opportunity to attend an in-person client meeting, and meet Nancy and Emma for the first time in person! I observed how a discovery meeting for a new client is conducted, and learned the beginning process of how a The Marshall Plan® is created. I will continue to learn more about the process in the weeks to come as the plan develops, and have the chance to complete sections of it.

In addition, I presented a communications audit to a personal branding client who is a neurosurgeon, talking to him about his online profile, and how he can boost his presence and credibility as a thought leader by being featured on podcasts. Next week I will start pitching this client to podcasts within his branding niche! Leading a discussion for the first time in a client meeting made me nervous, but it was exhilarating, providing the best hands-on experience working with a client. Also during the meeting, a plan for moving forward was put into place, with the overall goal of building a credible online reputation and positioning him as an innovator within his desired industry. I am excited to continue to complete more work for this client, learning more about personal branding by researching and developing more strategies to expand his online and social platforms. I am also reading “Establishing, Managing, and Protecting Your Online Reputation” by Kevin Pho, M.D., to research more about how to use social media for physicians.

Throughout the week, I also learned how to manage the Marshall Communications social media accounts across all platforms, created new graphics for The PRMaven® podcast, and researched podcasts within specific categories and their contacts in preparation of pitching a personal branding client. Additionally, I familiarized myself with a new social listening tool that will be used to check and analyze clients’ social presence to see the types of conversations people are having about them online. Finally, I completed the show notes to Episode 192, uploading the episode to the website and across all listening platforms.

I am also happy to announce that Nancy asked me to continue to work for Marshall Communications throughout the new school year, to which I have accepted!

Looking back, this week included many first experiences for me, and has given me the knowledge needed to succeed in my career later on. I am beyond happy that I have chosen to intern in the marketing field of PR, and that each week throws new experiences and challenges, making each day new and exciting!

Stay tuned next week to read about what it is like to be an intern at Marshall Communications, and what new experiences I am gaining!

Date: July 5, 2022