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It ALL Matters

In branding, there is something called "brand touch." Brand touch is the touch point that a brand has with a person in the targeted audience. Since this newsletter is about personal branding, the touch point is typically going to be about an interaction between one person and another person, as opposed to a big brand like McDonald's or Nike and a member of the buying public.

Be the brand that keeps its promises

Whether you are a hairdresser who has a commitment to do your client’s hair on the first Wednesday of every month, or a real estate broker who has promised to show a house for sale at a certain time, showing up at the promised time is the first step toward keeping your promise. A strong personal brand is one that keeps its word to the people who are counting on him or her for services.

You Can’t Fake Real: Seven Ways to Be Yourself in the Critical First Seven Seconds

When a person first meets you, it takes seven seconds for them to determine whether they are going to like you or not, whether they want to work with you or not, or whether they want to be your friend or not. We are wired in our prehistoric brains to decide whether another person is actually a friend or a foe.

The State of ME

Many people are surprised to learn that I am not actually from Maine, because my personal brand is focused so much on my “Maine-ness.” As a matter of fact, when I attend national conferences with organizations like the Society of American Travel Writers, the National Snow Sports Journalists Association, or the Agency Management Institute, people […]

Promotion and Advertising Literally Run Deep in Nancy’s Family Heritage

Original Citgo Sign in Boston Built by Nancy’s Great-Grandfather’s Company By Nancy Marshall, with research assistance from son Craig Marshall, July 2012 My mother has always told the story of how the neon sign was introduced in the United States by my ancestors. I never really thought about it until recently, but I realize that […]

Online Media Rooms Help Attract More PR Coverage

~ Ten Tips for Building an Effective Online Media Room ~ By Nancy Marshall, The PR Maven® Anytime journalists are looking for information on you or your company, they will inevitably start by looking at your website. If you have a tab for “Media Room” or “Press Room” right on your homepage, it immediately signals the media […]

Maine PR Pro Publishes Book for Small Businesses

I am thrilled that my new book, PR Works! has been received with such great acclaim. Here is the press release we just put out about it. AUGUSTA, Maine – Nancy Marshall, CEO of Nancy Marshall Communications and a 32-year veteran of the public relations industry, has published a new book about public relations for […]

Educate Prospects to Cultivate … and Keep … Clients

By Nancy Marshall Don’t you hate getting calls from people you’ve never met before who start out by saying, “How’re you doing today?” You know right away it’s a cold call and they really could care less how your day is going. When this happens to me, I’m turned off right from the start. Cold […]

Acceptance Speech for Kennebec Chamber President’s Award

These are the brief remarks I made to a crowd of nearly 900 people on January 23, 2015 upon receiving the Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce President’s Award for my contributions to the chamber membership. Thank you, Peter, and thank you to the Chamber board and membership for this amazing honor tonight. Usually I’m the […]

Be the Best Version of You

It’s a whole lot easier to be the best version of yourself than to spend a lot of time and energy trying to be someone you’re not.