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Feeling like a Candidate for Governor as I Speak to Groups Around Maine

I am not running for Governor, however, in the past two weeks, I have spoken to groups in 12 communities around the state of Maine, which might be as many as some of the gubernatorial candidates! I’ve been speaking to groups of business owners about topics that I’m really passionate about, including using the Internet […]

How Facebook is Like a Photo Christmas Card Every Day of the Year

If you’re like me, at this time of year you are taking down the Christmas tree and putting away the decorations. You’re also looking at all the beautiful holiday cards you received from family and friends, and wondering what to do with them. I hate to throw them away! Some of them are so beautiful […]

3 Ways to Improve Facebook Content and Increase Engagement

Do you cross your fingers every time you click the post button, hoping that each of your Facebook fans will like, comment on or share your post? Poster’s anxiety can be a burden, but there are some easy ways to improve the content of your posts and get your Facebook audience to stop scrolling and […]

What the Heck is Tumblr?

by Anna McDermott, Marshall Communications Account Executive Keeping up with social media platforms can be a bit daunting at times – there are new ones created constantly and favorites like Facebook keep changing how we use them – even professional social media users find themselves asking questions like “What the heck is Tumblr?” Since I […]

How Social Media Changed Journalism in 5 Days or Less

Last week was rough, to say the least. Across the country, people tuned into the news like never before and attempted to keep up with the ever-changing routes of speculation surrounding the Boston Marathon bombings on Monday. It quickly became apparent that social media would play into this story—after all Twitter broke the story, and […]