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Don’t Reinvent the Wheel – The Art of Repurposing Content

One of my favorite pieces of advice from Michael Katz, chief penguin at Blue Penguin Development, when he was interviewed on The PR Maven Podcast® was how he has learned to repurpose his content in numerous ways.

The Importance of Being Accessible on Social Media

On The PR Maven® Podcast, Nancy spoke to Cory Lee, a travel blogger for Curb Free with Cory Lee, and she described his online presence as being very accessible—Cory writes about accessible travel for people with disabilities.

Social Media Tips for “Digital Immigrants”

Molly McPherson was interviewed on The PR Maven® Podcast and discussed the differences between digital immigrants and digital natives.

Advice for Young Professionals

On The PR Maven Podcast® with Peter Van Allen, the editor of Mainebiz, Nancy and Peter discussed advice for young professionals.

Tips to Build Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is so important for your career, and we've come up with these quick tips for building and managing your brand online.

How Social Media has Changed Public Relations for Destination Marketing

If you have a tourism-based business, like a B&B, restaurant or tour company, read on!

Using Social Media for Good

On the 10th episode of The PR Maven Podcast, Nancy and Bill Green talked about what matters most with social media, especially Twitter and Facebook.

Tips on Managing Your Personal Brand

Read 9 tips to help you manage your personal brand, based on The PR Maven Podcast with Nancy Marshall.

Social Media Tips for Young Business People

On the 4th episode of The PR Maven® Podcast, Nancy spoke to Drew McLellan, who owns and runs the Agency Management Institute (AMI) about how social media has changed their industries.

How to Measure Success Today

In her podcast episode with Becky McKinnell, founder of iBec Creative in Portland, Maine, Nancy chatted with Becky about how she measures her own success.