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Stand Out From The Crowd By Going Old School: Write Personal Thank-You Notes

Use the written word to your advantage and you can stand out from the crowd. In this article, Nancy discusses the value of handwritten thank-you cards and more.

How to Do Your Own Market Research

On The PR Maven Podcast, Nancy interviewed Susan Baier, whose company, Audience Audit, develops custom attitudinal segmentation research for smart marketing agencies and their clients in a wide range of industries. 

PR And Marketing Are Expensive. Start With A Plan.

Would you build a house without first consulting an architect? Of course not. How would your builder know what to build? A ranch? A Cape Cod? A mansion? So why would you pay for public relations or marketing without first developing a plan?

How Introverts Succeed in Business

Rich Brooks is the founder and president of flyte new media, a digital agency in Portland, Maine, and a nationally recognized speaker on entrepreneurship, digital marketing and social media. Nancy Marshall, The PR Maven®, interviewed him on her podcast and they both shared some great tips on entrepreneurship, SEO and social media,

Advice for Young Professionals

On The PR Maven Podcast® with Peter Van Allen, the editor of Mainebiz, Nancy and Peter discussed advice for young professionals.

The Importance of ROI and Ways to Measure it

In this episode of The PR Maven Podcast, Nancy and Jen Boes shared some very valuable tips for measuring your return on investment (ROI)

How Social Media has Changed Public Relations for Destination Marketing

If you have a tourism-based business, like a B&B, restaurant or tour company, read on!

Focus Groups: Find Out What Your Customers are Really Thinking

When it comes to PR and marketing, knowing what your customers think about you and what motivates them is a great starting point.

Using Social Media to Build Your Brand

Personal branding is key to building any business. Nancy describes it as putting a stake in the ground for what you believe. If people like what you stand for, they will become a brand ambassador or fan. You can use these personal relationships to build your network and your brand, for your company or for yourself, and social media has become a powerful tool in brand building.

How to Measure Success Today

In her podcast episode with Becky McKinnell, founder of iBec Creative in Portland, Maine, Nancy chatted with Becky about how she measures her own success.