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How to Get Your Press Release Noticed

How do you get your press release noticed by journalists? We're sharing some of our favorite tips for getting your release picked up by the media.

Creating Value Through Marketing

Creating tangible value from your company's marketing efforts is a fantastic way to not only grow your business but to also demonstrate a clear return on investment.

How to Make the Most of Media Relations

How are your media relations? As a PR agency, we develop & maintain relationships with the media and have tips to help you make the most of your contacts.

Lessons from an Agency Rebranding Process

After our agency spent a year implementing the TRACTION process and as part of that, it became evident that the agency was due for a refresh of our brand.

Get ready for an amazing 2018!

See some tips for making 2018 great, and some of our top 2017 blog posts.

Vetting Media: Influencers

When it comes to digital marketing for the travel industry – one of our company’s areas of expertise – we get our fair share of influencers requesting to collaborate with our clients for a feature or takeover. We enjoy working with influencers and always try to make sure their goals, objectives and overall content matches […]

Are you using social media for your business to its full potential? Ask yourself these 5 questions.

By Megan Crowder, Marshall Communications Account Coordinator/Social Media Strategist Social mediaFind yourself having a case of social anxiety? Don’t worry, that’s very common when it comes to approaching digital marketing on several platforms. The first step is simple—you know your brand. Now it’s time to know the platforms specific to your brand and how to […]

An Incredibly Easy Way to Keep Your Brand on Track

By Account Supervisor Jessica Donahue Whether you’re the lone wolf in your business or you manage a group of 200 plus, a style guide and template toolkit will help keep your brand and message on point. Marketing initiatives can take any shape or form if not given guidelines. A designer who’s unfamiliar with your business […]

Spotlight on Employee Health

by Juli Settlemire, Marshall Communications Business Manager You know you’re getting older when you injure yourself while sleeping. It’s embarrassing and doesn’t make for a great story. I know that I need to eat right, exercise and manage my stress — but somehow all of my good intentions devolve into “should’ve known betters.” So I […]

SEO That Makes Sense for Small Businesses

Small businesses often rely on their websites for their success in a world where everything can be found online. Yet how can you make your site stand out in a crowd? Okay, not a crowd, more like everyone. For many people, it can seem like a daunting task to make your website the most search […]