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Peloton Rides And Lego Outfits: The Importance Of 21st-Century Content Marketing

In today’s world, it’s virtually impossible to succeed as a business — large or small — without engaging in some form of content marketing.

How Content Creation Can Position You As A Thought Leader

If you specialize in any field, the goal is to become a thought leader. So how do you become a thinker and a leader? Find out how to convey your mastery to the general public by using content creation.

Don’t Be a Pusher of Press Releases: 4 Ways to Enliven Your PR Strategy With Content Marketing

Founder and Chief Troublemaker of The Content Advisory Robert Rose explains exactly how PR professionals can enliven their brand strategy with content marketing tips.

You Can’t Fool Google

Content marketing is gold for your website. If you are an expert in a certain field, your website should reflect that.

Content Marketing Is The New PR

Long gone are the days of simply pitching reporters and hoping for the best. As PR experts, we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box, and content marketing is perhaps the best example of that.

How Traveling Can Teach You To Be A Better Business Leader

Traveling can allow you to meet people from different backgrounds, with differing mindsets and you can learn how to think with a more open mind and target people who have different preferences, opinions and biases than your own.

How to Do Your Own Market Research

On The PR Maven Podcast, Nancy interviewed Susan Baier, whose company, Audience Audit, develops custom attitudinal segmentation research for smart marketing agencies and their clients in a wide range of industries. 

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel – The Art of Repurposing Content

One of my favorite pieces of advice from Michael Katz, chief penguin at Blue Penguin Development, when he was interviewed on The PR Maven Podcast® was how he has learned to repurpose his content in numerous ways.

How to Come Up With and Create Quality Content

If you are responsible for creating quality content, whether for print or web, you often have to write about unfamiliar topics. Here are some tips from Anna McDermott, Marshall Communications content creator, to help.