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Compassion And Empathy: How Covid-19 Changed Communication Forever

As business leaders, we need to recognize that life is hard. The pandemic has taught us that we need to show more compassion and empathy.

Mean It When You Ask Someone ‘How Are You?’

When I see people in passing now, their first instinct is to ask, “How are you?” But most people don’t actually mean it. Checking the box is more disrespectful than not asking at all, at least in my view. The “how are you?” doesn’t have to be a throwaway line. On the contrary, it can be used effectively to convey care and compassion.

Don’t Forget The No. 1 Rule In Business: Look People In The Eye And Say Their Name

The lessons from my father resonated because they were simple and straightforward: Look people in the eye and say their name. In truth, it’s the No. 1 rule in business.

Best of The PR Maven®: The Top 21 of 2021

Nancy Marshall shares 21 key takeaways for public relations professionals in 2021, highlighting wisdom from PR Maven® Podcast guests and offering insights of her own.

Rating an Influencer

How important is it for brands to evaluate influencers before using them for promotions or sponsorships? This blog identifies some key areas to consider for potential influencer partnerships.

Curiosity: The Key To Surviving And Thriving During A Pandemic

At a time when bad news is everywhere, we need to keep our heads held high. Of course, most Americans know that perseverance is valuable currency nowadays, but there is perhaps an even more valuable one: curiosity.

4 Tips for Bridging the Gap Between Your Expertise and Your Passion

Sensico Systems co-founder and CEO Piali De shares her journey to turn her knowledge of physics and AI into a platform that’s transforming health care for communities who need it.

Haters Gonna Hate

A strong brand has the power to both attract and repel...

Marketing Minute #6: The power of a handwritten thank you note

My secret weapon in business is old fashioned. I learned it from some very successful businesspeople who I admire. I write personal handwritten note cards and send them in the postal mail with a stamp.

Marketing Minute #8: Networking, even for introverts

When you go to a networking event, think about shining the light on other people, not yourself.