Without a solid marketing strategy, you are like a hamster running on a wheel, doing a lot of work but not seeing the results. Here at Marshall Communications, we help you build customized marketing strategies, providing a vision for success. Through The Marshall Plan® process, we work with you and your top stakeholders to combine your knowledge with our experience in public relations and marketing to develop relevant and attainable goals specific to your needs.

It’s time to stop running the same ad in the same publications you always have, not knowing how many of your audience members actually see it, and time to improve your marketing strategy.

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We offer full support to you and your sales team through the development of results-driven, measurable marketing strategies tailored to your business development goals and your target audiences. A full marketing strategy is a standard component of The Marshall Plan®.

We can help you:

  • Optimize conversions
  • Generate leads
  • Create a marketing funnel that generates sales
  • Mount a direct marketing campaign
  • Increase trade show efficacy
  • Develop a suite of promotional materials
  • Create a sales kit
  • Design branded giveaways
  • Enhance the effectiveness of your sales team
  • Improve customer service
  • Measure results with customized dashboards