Peloton Rides And Lego Outfits: The Importance Of 21st-Century Content Marketing

In today’s world, it’s virtually impossible to succeed as a business — large or small — without engaging in some form of content marketing.

‘If You Mess Up, Dress Up and Fess Up’: A Wisdom Drop From the PR Maven®

In crisis communications, you need to act quickly. If you “mess up,” you need to “fess up” and share accurate facts.

How to Start a Company While in College: Thoughts From a 21-year-old CEO

Josh Kim, a college senior and founder of The Cubby — an art marketplace for college students — on how to jumpstart an entrepreneurial career.

Don’t Be Hesitant To Promote Yourself (Without Bragging, Of Course)

Don’t be hesitant to promote yourself. In today’s business world, self-promotion is indispensable. It is the key to landing a new job, securing a client or running a business altogether.

Despite What You Learned Growing Up, It’s A Good Thing To Talk To Strangers

Talking to someone you don’t know can open up new horizons — horizons you could never even imagine. Despite what you learned growing up, talking to strangers is one of the most important social components of business.

How Allagash Brewing Company’s Founder Turned an Unknown Beer Into One of the Top 50 Craft Brewery Brands in the US

Allagash Brewing Company founder Rob Tod shares how innovation and sustainability led the brewery to become one of the top 50 craft brewery brands in the US.

PR Strategy at the State Level: How Katie Shorey and Her Team Are Spreading the Love About Maine

Live + Work in Maine’s director of engagement Katie Shorey shares her experiences bringing fabulous new talent to my home state.

What The Tokyo Olympics Taught Us About Personal Branding

During the Tokyo Olympics, the importance of personal branding was on full display. It comes down to the stories that differentiate one athlete from another. Think about how that applies to you. What made you the way that you are is what differentiates you from the next person.

How PR Can Build Your Business A Bank Account Of Goodwill

Public relations can go a long way — long before crisis strikes. PR can help build your bank account of goodwill, granting you the positive capital to survive the ebbs and flows of positive and negative publicity.

4 Tips for a Successful Experiential Marketing Campaign from Wyman’s Brand Manager Colleen Craig

Wyman’s brand manager Colleen Craig shares her tips for building a successful experiential marketing and brand ambassador program.

How To Build a Personal Brand with Public Service and Personal Attention: Phil Harriman Shares His PR Story

Phil Harriman, founding partner of Lebel & Harriman, shares how business owners can align their priorities and passions to build a personal brand.

Three Ways To Nail The Networking Process Without Rushing It

Connections still matter. In today’s virtual world, people are especially eager to connect and reconnect with others but you have to be smart and strategic. When it comes to networking, there is a fine line between being active and being annoying.