Author: Nancy Marshall

Promotion and Advertising Literally Run Deep in Nancy’s Family Heritage

Original Citgo Sign in Boston Built by Nancy’s Great Grandfather’s Company By Nancy Marshall, with research assistance from son Craig Marshall, July 2012 My mother has always told the story of how the neon sign was introduced in the United States by my ancestors. I never really thought about it until recently, but I realize […]

The Secrets to Creating a Successful Municipal Brand

By Nancy Marshall All municipalities need a brand. A brand is more than a logo or a tagline. It communicates what makes a municipality unique and appealing through a combination of visuals and words. A strong brand can help boost economic development, tourism and the sense of community residents enjoy. Think about how many choices […]

Online Media Rooms Help Attract More PR Coverage

~ Ten Tips for Building an Effective Online Media Room ~ By Nancy Marshall, The PR Maven® Anytime journalists are looking for information on you or your company, they will inevitably start by looking at your website. If you have a tab for “Media Room” or “Press Room” right on your homepage, it immediately signals the media […]

Maine PR Pro Publishes Book for Small Businesses

I am thrilled that my new book, PR Works! has been received with such great acclaim. Here is the press release we just put out about it. AUGUSTA, Maine – Nancy Marshall, CEO of Nancy Marshall Communications and a 32-year veteran of the public relations industry, has published a new book about public relations for […]

Using Facebook to Grow Your Business

We all know that Facebook is king; there are more than two million connections being made between local businesses and people through this social media platform.1 As the largest social media site, Facebook gives businesses of all sizes the potential to reach a large targeted audience for minimal cost. Through strategic posts, businesses can grow […]

The Most Basic Tenet of Personal Branding: Make it Easy for People to Find You

Just the other day, I tried connecting with a financial services professional over the phone. Instead of getting a live person or personalized voicemail, I was connected with an automated recording that cut off before I could leave a message. I was beyond frustrated. I’ve also been looking for an individual who can help me […]

How to Make an Impact on Twitter

Twitter is an invaluable tool for businesses who want to reach a wide audience for little to no cost at all, except for an investment of time. And, but there is a great deal of return on investment for that time! Small businesses have been successful in utilizing this platform to network with other businesses, […]

Nine LinkedIn Tips for Personal Branding Success

Every professional needs to pay attention to LinkedIn, since it is growing more and more important every day for making career connections.

Educate Prospects to Cultivate … and Keep … Clients

By Nancy Marshall Don’t you hate getting calls from people you’ve never met before who start out by saying, “How’re you doing today?” You know right away it’s a cold call and they really could care less how your day is going. When this happens to me, I’m turned off right from the start. Cold […]

How a strong network helped save the day

A couple years ago, I was devastated when my agency lost a large contract we had held for nearly 20 years. I felt my world was crashing down. One of my long-time professional and personal friends said, “Don’t worry, Nancy, your network will take care of you.” We began reaching out to our network to […]