Author: Emma Dimock

Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ Is Right: Old-Fashioned Writing Still Serves A Purpose

I recently finished binge-watching Netflix’s The Crown, along with more than 70 million other households. Although the show is technically fictional, it does contain plenty of truth, including the royals’ habit of old-fashioned writing.

The Power of Putting Pen to Paper: How to Use Writing to Build Your Brand

Christine Richards — graphic designer, book coach and lover of all things handwritten — shares her thoughts on how to make writing a meaningful part of your routine and personal brand.

3 Tips For Building a Personal Brand Rooted in Your Individual Strengths

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach Christine Tieri shares her experiences from working in advertising and her best insights about effective brand building.

Eight Ways To Position Yourself As A Go-To Expert For The Media

Whether you're an expert on public health or wild blueberry picking in Maine, the time may come when you will be called upon to be a spokesperson. You need to be ready. Here are eight useful tips.

Remember: In Business, You Are Easily Forgettable

In the middle of a pandemic, it is more difficult than ever to network with others. Without networking, word-of-mouth marketing becomes harder and harder. Alas, we’ll just have to make do. Networking today means creating and cultivating an online footprint, if not a physical one.

‘All Business Is Between Human Beings’: The PR Maven On Small Businesses And COVID-19

If you’re a small business owner, you know that navigating COVID-19 has been a challenge. Even as life begins to return to normal, running a small business during and in the aftermath of this pandemic will continue to present new questions and obstacles. Here are Nancy's best tips for how your small business can beat COVID-19 and come out on the other side thriving.

Why Social Media Matters For Google SEO

Whether staying connected or learning the latest trends and techniques, we spend a lot of time on social media. Learn how social media can be used constructively for PR purposes.

Rating an Influencer

How important is it for brands to evaluate influencers before using them for promotions or sponsorships? This blog identifies some key areas to consider for potential influencer partnerships.

Why It’s Invaluable When People Say ‘I’ve Heard Of You’

What does it mean when someone says, “I’ve heard of you”? It means that your brand has value, and hearing that only adds more positive capital to your brand.

Domain Authority

What is domain authority? This blog post defines what DA is and how it can be used by PR professionals to increase media outreach efficacy.