Author: Anna McDermott

How to Use Your Podcast to Strengthen Your Brand and Grow Your Business

When Nancy Marshall, The PR Maven,® started her podcast, she incorporated the expert advice from Stephen Woessner, author of Profitable Podcasting. Stephen was a guest on The PR Maven® Podcast and he and Nancy discussed ways to use a podcast for branding, business growth and SEO.

Advice for Young Professionals

On The PR Maven Podcast® with Peter Van Allen, the editor of Mainebiz, Nancy and Peter discussed advice for young professionals.

Tips to Build Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is so important for your career, and we've come up with these quick tips for building and managing your brand online.

The Importance of ROI and Ways to Measure it

In this episode of The PR Maven Podcast, Nancy and Jen Boes shared some very valuable tips for measuring your return on investment (ROI)

The Intersection of Social Media and Networking to Build Your Brand

Nancy Marshall, The PR Maven®, interviewed me for her podcast – I was in Utah where I work remotely for Marshall Communications – and we discussed all the ways you can build your brand – in person and online – and a major theme that came up was the intersection of social media and in-person networking.

How Social Media has Changed Public Relations for Destination Marketing

If you have a tourism-based business, like a B&B, restaurant or tour company, read on!

Using Social Media for Good

On the 10th episode of The PR Maven Podcast, Nancy and Bill Green talked about what matters most with social media, especially Twitter and Facebook.

Focus Groups: Find Out What Your Customers are Really Thinking

When it comes to PR and marketing, knowing what your customers think about you and what motivates them is a great starting point.

Tips on Managing Your Personal Brand

Read 9 tips to help you manage your personal brand, based on The PR Maven Podcast with Nancy Marshall.

How to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Professional Network

In this episode of The PR Maven Podcast, Nancy and Kate Paine shared some great tips about maximizing LinkedIn to build your professional network.