When I talk to businesses about using pay per click to help promote their business, the reactions I sometimes get range from stark horror to jaded disbelief. This always surprises me. Of all the marketing opportunities available to a business, PPC can be one of the most effective and most measurable – when done correctly.

Let me share with you five things you should know about PPC and in return, we want you to think about how your business can benefit from it and talk to us about making a program work for you.

  1. Dollar Sign on a SpeedometerYou are in control of what you spend. You control the throttle on your click spend. A daily budget is set to a level you are comfortable with and that allows sufficient traffic to produce leads and/or sales for your business. The nightmare story associated with this is how a business like yours paid a PPC company or marketing firm to manage their account and instead of getting results, they wasted thousands of dollars. That won’t happen with Marshall Communications. We are expert PPC managers and we keep you informed every step of the way.
  2. Golf flag on a bullseyePPC is flexible and allows more targeting than ever before. You can target locally. You can target regionally. Or nationally. Or internationally. You can target folks in search engines, on other websites, with your company videos, and with remarketing to folks who have shown an interest in you. There are many options available and the options chosen should support your business goals. It’s very configurable and adaptive. Strategies can be changed in minutes.
  3. +5 with a magnifying glassThe value of PPC can be proven. Pay per click is metrics-based. Numbers don’t lie. With proper set-up and tracking of goals and conversion points, as well as understanding the short- and long-term value of those leads for your business, we can prove that PPC works and provide a return on investment. Try getting that with a ¼ page glossy ad in a magazine or a rented direct mail list.
  4. google in writing being clickedPPC does not (directly) affect organic search. Organic search results and pay-per-click ads do not influence one another. They are separate efforts. It has been argued, however, that having a paid ad appear in the “Top 3” at the top of the search engine results page (SERP), in addition to having an organic listing in the “Top 5” gives a business more screen real estate compared to others and that it can affect people positively, i.e., if you are in both places, you must be doing something very right.
  5. Shaking handsPPC is one of the best “new customer” acquisition tools you can use. It is widely accepted that your current customers are your best and most profitable prospects. But every business needs to acquire new customers to replace those that move “off the house file.” Because PPC is so targeted and has so many advertising options, reaching new customers is very easy, and with a well-run program, cost effective.

So what are you waiting for? PPC works. And we love doing it. We think it should absolutely be a part of your marketing budget and program. Talk to us today and let’s explore the possibilities.

(Illustrations ©2015 Marshall Communications)