We all know that Facebook is king; there are more than two million connections being made between local businesses and people through this social media platform.1 As the largest social media site, Facebook gives businesses of all sizes the potential to reach a large targeted audience for minimal cost.

Through strategic posts, businesses can grow their community while strengthening relations with their fans. Facebook is a great platform to showcase a brand’s personality through photos and posts and by interacting with fans. Increased engagement comes from making sure that posts are targeted to the audience that businesses are trying to attract. Not sure what to post? Here are a few tips on content that might be right for your business.

What to post

  • Ad on FacebookPhotos and videos
    Photos and videos have been proven to be the most engaging types of content on Facebook.2 Visual content can quickly grab the attention of your audience and is more engaging and shareable. However, too much of a good thing can be bad, and if your Facebook page becomes over saturated with photos, engagements are likely to decline, especially if the content is all about you.
  • Engaging content
    Ask questions, post an interesting fact or quote, feature an employee, give advice, or start a dialogue and post enticing content. “Did you know?” posts with a question have 92% higher comment rates than non-question posts.
  • Facebook AdContests
    Running a contest on Facebook is an effective way to increase engagement. Contests should call on the audience to take action: like your page, share a post, leave a comment, sign up for your e-newsletter, like a photo, and so on.

    Before running any contest, be sure to review Facebook’s guidelines on contests. The rules are always changing so be sure to review them before the contest starts.

  • Newsworthy events
    Highlight relevant and newsworthy events, upcoming holidays, or community news. If your organization is involved in a community event or with a nonprofit, share your involvement with followers regularly.
  • Promote products
    Although it is fine to promote products or services on your page, it should be done in moderation. We recommend the 80/20 rule: 80% of your posts should be social and 20% should pertain to your products and services.

    To create engagement, offer discounts or special promo codes exclusively for your Facebook fans. This will create incentive for followers to keep checking back on your page.

  • Monitor and respond to comments

    You can easily monitor comments through the “notifications” tab at the top of your profile.

    Response to a bad facebook commentAcknowledging comments is a great way to build rapport with customers. Although it is not necessary to respond to every comment you receive, it’s important to monitor the conversations that are happening on your page. As for negative comments, a helpful tactic is to acknowledge the customer in public, and offer to solve the problem in private.

    Always try to defuse negative comments by taking the conversation offline. (See above example from Bed & Bath.)

Remember to keep your posts’ text to a minimum (under 80 characters or 1-3 lines of text per post), don’t post too often and stay positive. Facebook is a social media platform that takes time to build, but if done correctly, it can yield amazing results.