Covered BridgeDo you cross your fingers every time you click the post button, hoping that each of your Facebook fans will like, comment on or share your post? Poster’s anxiety can be a burden, but there are some easy ways to improve the content of your posts and get your Facebook audience to stop scrolling and take action.

Here are three tactics I have used to increase engagement on the Facebook pages of businesses clients.

  1. Use Headlines: How do newspapers, magazines and Reddit get our attention? With headlines. Whether concise, shocking or someone’s spoken words, headlines make us stop and read – exactly what you want your social media audience to do. Instead of announcing a new event or product with something like,”After years of planning and countless hours of research…” get to the point with “New Event Alert” or “New Product Announcement.” Three words immediately tell your audience what you want to say and pique their interest.
  2. Give Them Something to Look Forward To: Imagine the majority of your Facebook fans waking up every Monday with your business on their mind instead of grumbling about not wanting to go to work. It can happen when you establish weekly feature posts that happen on the same day every week. A Friday photo trivia post I started for the page of a state tourism office was consistently one of the most engaging posts week after week. Your feature post can be a trivia question, an “on this date” in company history post, or a fan photo of the week. Once you begin one or two of these fun, shareable posts, your audience will begin to look for them, and in the mostly unpredictable world of the news feed they’ll appreciate the familiarity.
  3. Share a Dose of Reality: Reality TV is popular because people love to be taken behind the scenes and into the lives of others. If you own a business that makes a physical product, posting a short (less than 4 minutes) video showing the steps in the production process (you don’t have to reveal the company secrets) can be an effective way to give your audience that inside look. Or, focus on one employee or a team of workers and show their role in the process. JetBlue does this well with their “A Day in the Life” videos. These videos can be posted more than once during a year and different people will like, comment on and share them each time.

Try one or more of these tactics to help extend the temporary life of your Facebook posts in the news feed of your audience and in the feeds of their friends.