Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a critical activity that needs to be routinely done for your website. The organic search engines are the place where your prospective customers are looking for you — and if you aren't there, you don't get the call or the contact.

Many companies attempt to handle SEO themselves and assign these duties to someone "in-house." Unfortunately, what can happen is that these duties get assigned to someone who doesn't have the time or skill set to accomplish SEO effectively and accurately. It is also quite a challenge to stay abreast of Google's algorithm changes, changes in technology, and changes in the language with which people search. Fact is, you'll get better return on your investment when you hire a search engine marketing professional. NMC offers this expertise.

We are also experts at content creation. Generating a steady stream of fresh content on your website and online via social media, blogs, online news sources, and more is key to maintaining well-placed search engine positioning. Search engine-friendly copy that is also well written and interesting is our specialty.

We monitor your website activity closely and we work with you to make sure that the goals you set for your business are being accomplished. We use Google Analytics' rich data to identify opportunities, resolve issues, and make website content and usability suggestions and recommendations to keep improving on the work we do for you. To read more about the techniques we use, visit the tracking and analysis page.

We have a number of convenient search engine optimization packages for you to choose from. Each one offers comprehensive service to fit your budget.

We are also excited to be offering our SEO Website Spring Clean-up package, available for a limited time. This is a one-time optimization of your site and it includes a great deal of service and information for a very affordable rate. If it's been a while since your site had any SEO love and attention, this a perfect opportunity. Please contact us today to learn more!